Question about my account

Whether you have plans to move soon or not soon at all, we want you to know that you can take the security and comfort of Cyp-Cana Alarms Ltd with you.

Our company’s policy is to find the most beneficial and economical solution for our customers.

In contrast with what other companies do, our technicians can completely remove the security equipment from your old house, then relocate and make a complete installation and programming of it at your new house, usually the same day. In addition to that they will search for uncovered areas and suggest if needed for additional motion detectors and sensors. A relocation fee will apply on such case. Last but not least, our technicians would recommend if your system is too old to be removed and relocated and if it’s time to proceed with an upgrade/advanced system.

Stay updated, stay safe! You can call our operators and tell them you are interested on upgrading. They will suggest what is the appropriate upgrading for your premises and inform you about the cost. Discounted upgrades are offered to our existing customers/subscribers.

Yes, it is highly recommended that you connect your security system to a local monitoring/control center/station so that in case of an alarm you will be notified immediately as well as the proper authorities. You would not want to experience a break-in while you were on vacation and come home to an open door. Most insurance companies offer a discount with a monitored alarm system.

Ways to settle your subscription / fee

You can find the Bank account details on the bottom lines of the invoice or the statement of your account. In order to identify that the payment is coming from you, it is very important while processing the payment, to state/note on the details your Reference/Account No.

1. You can visit the online payment portal locate our company on the registered organizations and follow the payment steps. Registration on the website is required for this option.
2. Our collector is available to meet you anywhere you request so as to proceed with the payment through the mobile VISA JCC machine.

Just give us a call and our collector will contact you to arrange an appointment at your most suitable time and location. You can pay by cash, cheque or a VISA card.

If you do not wish to pay the full amount of your bill at once, you may arrange standing order payment with your bank and have your subscription/fee paid automatically every month. Installment options of every two, three, six months, or even annually are also applicable. Your bank may provide you with further details about this popular and easy method of payment. In order to identify that the payment is coming from you, it is very important while arranging for your standing order, to state/note on the details your Reference / Account No. Which you can find on the invoice below the Document No.
It is a four digit number following the letter D (example: D0001)

You can send a cheque to our mailing address:
Cyp-Cana Alarms Ltd P.O.Box 53042, 3300 Limassol

On the dispatch envelope please fill in an accurate postal address (P.O. Box if available) in order to furnish you with your receipt of payment.

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